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Happy Birthday to all of our members who have birthdays in the month of October!
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In October, after a quick business meeting, Rev. Boardman W. Kathan, a retired minister and a former President of the NVGC and Dr. David W. Kathan, senior economist of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in Washington, DC will present, "Dr. E. Irene Boardman: The Woman our Meeting Room is Named After."  The program will be presented in two parts: 1. a Powerpoint presentation on Dr. Boardman, who was a Regent of a DAR chapter, President of the Connecticut Huguenot Society, and a member of Mayflower Descendants and 2. Tips for doing genealogical research by Dr. Kathan, whose research has been published and who serves as the treasurer of the Kathan Family Assocation.

Dr. Boardman was a pioneering woman medical doctor and school physician in the City of New Haven for almost 30 years and a health officer for the Town of Prospect for 21 years.